Top 10 Rugby Union can learn from League

league NZEngland Head Coach Stuart Lancaster told BBC Radio 5 Live that Union has plenty it could learn from the League code:





“We have a huge amount to learn from rugby league, particularly in terms of attacking and core skills. Sometimes we can forget about the core skills bit. League is rugby in the simplest form in the sense that it’s about great defence, great tackling technique, good handling, good passing, catching and great kicking. I think they concentrate on the basics better than us. You only have to look at some of the tries scored in the Grand Final last weekend.”

Here’s our, in NO way tongue-in-cheek, Eggchasers “Top 5 Things Rugby Union Can Learn From League”

1. Tattoo sleeves

Don’t think…ink. The more the better. Look how Danny Cipriani and Matt Banahan’s careers have taken off since they did so. They have both already surpassed the hopes people had for them after their early, pre-tat impact in the game.

2. Man of the Match Soup

Why, in these days of ultra professionalism and strict dietary discipline are will still persisting with the gassy bubbly for M.O.M. awards? Take a leaf out of the League code’s book with a prize from a soup manufacturer being served up to them instead.

3. Short Shorts

Why work on those squads with squats, lunges and hamstring curls in the gym all pre-season and not show as much of it as is humanly possibly. Once again League lead the way.

4. Scrummaging

There are NO collapsed scrums, NO reset scrums and the scrum halves are NEVER penalised for feeding the put-in. It must simply be that the props are carved from granite and SO strong to the extent that they are impervious to collapsing. The only explanation I can think of anyway.

5. Regional Concentration

No we do NOT want the worldwide game of Union to flourish! We hope it shrinks and dwindles to a highly concentrated few core areas where all teams can coexist within a relatively tiny geographic area, enabling easy away journeys and limiting the attractiveness of the sport to big corporate investors who could help fund the grassroots development of young people entering the game.

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