About Eggchasers

Rugby Union is the ultimate sport. No other game has such confrontation combined with such camaraderie. Brutality and banter. Tension and tomfoolery.

We hope, with YOUR contributions and reactions, to bring that perfect balance of passion, knowledge and humour and share it with fellow Eggchasers through our weekly podcast and here on eggchasers.com.

Meet the team:

Tim Cocker

tim5TEAMS: Broughton Park, Manchester, Newbury, Bath Uni
BEST RUGBY MOMENT: Making my debut for Newbury – my club since age 6 – Vs Doncaster in National Division 1.
WORST RUGBY MOMENT: Making the cover of the Bristol matchday programme…as the person Andrew Sheridan was photographed running over the top of

“Workaholic” Tim claims the 13 weeks holiday teachers get wasn’t sufficient, so he pursued a radio career in an attempt to avoid “a proper job”. Since 2010 he’s Tim has hosted the Xfm Manchester Breakfast Show so he’s obviously “Chief Blagger” in the Eggchasers team. He’s also the matchday announcer for Sale Sharks. Tim always has a steady stream of brand new rugby stash which he obtains by routinely thieving from his brother’s wardrobe. His brother, Nic Rouse (different surname we know…Tim has a “name for radio”…don’t ask!?) plays for London Irish and Tim is forever telling us he was better than him once.

Jonathan Beardmore “JB”

JBTEAMS: Broughton Park, Colwyn Bay,

JB is our exiled North Walean who splits his days equally between offering financial advice, watching every American Football documentary ever made and concocting bizarre new flavour combinations with his ice cream maker. Obviously rugby features high on JB’s list too and he proudly possesses the largest collection of jerseys we’ve ever seen, mostly “acquired” from rugby clubs he’s visited. One day our “political activist” JB will decide on one position on a rugby field and stick to it…although in truth that sounds as likely as him avoiding saying something controversial.

Phil Largen

largenTEAMS: Sedgley Park

Phil keeps the Eggchasers podcast relevant with modern rugby. He is our resident “pro”, using the term very loosely as his it is Sedgley Park. In any case, Phil is only ever available 3 months of any rugby season, prefering to find new and interesting ways of injuring himself. He uses this rehab time to contribute to the Eggchasers Podcast and shop for tiny retro speedos for the summer poolside posedown.

Blake Mahovic

blakeTEAMS: Broughton Park, Wigan Warriors (RL)

Rugby League convert Blake signed terms with Wigan Warriors, but was so desperate to experience the sheer joy of scrummaging and line outs he changed codes. OR he didn’t quite make the grade. One of those two facts is true. Blake, as a student, ticks a few equal opportunities boxes for the Eggchasers team, and we like having him around for his occasional rants about how rugby union should remove the 3 point penalty and his woeful efforts at growing a moustache.